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A heart for service, a passion for uncompromised Excellence and a deep rooted desire for adventure has propelled Dom Mee, to take the leisure industries of Sri Lanka and Croatia, by storm.

A former Maritime Adventurer and Business Tycoon, Dom spearheaded the fight against piracy off the coast of Somalia. Voted by Lloyds as the 30th most influential man in world shipping, he is also renowned as the world's top expert on piracy at Sea. Dom now seeks to explore and expand the boundaries of the global leisure industry with his newest venture, Kew Villas and Apartments.

A daredevil adventurer, who explored the world's oceans, now resides with his charming family on the shores of Sri Lanka's pristine coastline. All the beautiful villas and exotic apartments are managed as a family run business with a deep commitment to service excellence complemented by lavish in-house amenities.

Dom's knowledge of the leisure industry is broad-ranging. Having travelled extensively around the world frequenting the best hotels, he understands the needs of the modern traveler. Dom's aim is to establish service excellence that far surpasses his clients' expectations by using his experiences as a traveler to create a unique holiday experience on two diverse sides of the world.

Be it a family vacation, romantic rendezvous or a mere sabbatical to explore and enjoy the many surrounding sights, the team at Kew Villas and Apartments are driven toward excellence to deliver a customized experience.

This, is our heartfelt service assurance.

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